Chris Gammell Posts Extensive KiCad Tutorial Video Series


Recently, I have been doing all of my hobby PCB design in KiCad. Coming from Eagle, I have been pretty impressed with the general usability of KiCad. Some things I feel that Eagle does better, and some things KiCad does better.  The Link posted after the break is to a new, very extensive video tutorial series that Chris Gammell has graciously posted.

As I first started working with KiCad, when it came time to move on to each new step in the PCB design process, I would refer to his getting to blinky series he originally posted, and they were very helpful, but the new videos that he recently posted are fare more in-depth.  Here is where you can find them.

He has also created a dedicated KiCad help website ( which includes a forum.

Thanks very much Chris!

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